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 EdenLoop ELT
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Description about EdenLoop
EdenLoop price today is $0.26 , ELT price is up 1% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 0 ELT coins and a total supply of 800,000,000. If you are looking to buy or sell EdenLoop, Uniswap is currently the most active exchange.

What is EdenLoop (ELT)?
EdenLoop is an Ethereum-based open-designed NFT Marketplace where NFTs are to be established in this market to perform the essential and expanded value of being feasible and usable in the Metaverse. EdenLoop claims to pursue NFTs that combine visual elements and are applicable in both Metaverse and real economy with the vision of building a system that all file formats can be created as NFTs. Starting with 3D NFTs, which require expertize in this field the platform aims to digitalize every item in the real-world, and lay the foundation to become a WEB 3.0 platform through trading on the platform. The platform serves to be a truly decentralized NFT transactions which will be implemented through the BlockLoop System. This system plays a significant role in connecting NFT ecosystem, connecting NFTs generated by other blockchain networks, which works similarly to Google’s Web Crawler technology. The system will classify and analyze numerous algorithms in the blockchain network, and the relevant data will be collected, then connect with EdenLoop platform. Such environment enables NFTs from all around the world built in blockchain to be searched, then trade with various tokens such as ETH, ELT, MATIC, KLAY and more, while royalties will be given as ELT.
ELT is the governance and utility token that is used for: *Token for trading NFTs on EdenLoop NFT marketplace *Token for rewards and royalties
EdenLoop systems include: *BlockLoop System- NFT search engine to let users search NFTs issued on all blockchain networks and trade in variety of tokens or coins. Transactions done by this system will be rewarded ELT. *Staking and NFT Farming System- Sellers, buyers, resellers, and auction traders, owners too, will be rewarded in ELT. *VisualLoop System- Combined with WebGL technology to provide a variety of Metaverse service. Users are able to experience 3D content without extra plug-in and utilize NFT on multi platforms in Metaverse.
How Many ELT Tokens Are There in Circulation?
EdenLoop launched its NFT marketplace on August 31, 2021 with 800,000,000 ELT tokens issued, total token circulation 27,024,099.
Who Are the Founders of EdenLoop?
EdenLoop was established since 2013 started with the development of WebGL 3D solution by Justin Hur with the goal to lower barriers for users to easily experience 3D content. He started the project with an NFT Marketplace which is designed to allow users to own or resell NFTs more intuitively. EdenLoop’s vision is to build a platform that all file formats can be created as NFTs that combine visual elements which are applicable in both Metaverse and real economy. Starting with 3D NFTs, NFTs on EdenLoop are to be issued in this market to perform the essential and expanded value of being feasible and usable in the Metaverse.
ELT is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges, paired with cryptocurrency and stablecoin pairs currently available. Bittrex Global , Digifinex , Uniswap .


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Market Cap $206,792,945

FDV $208,000,000

Total Supply 800,000,000

Max Supply 0

Circulating supply 0

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Blockchain Ethereum Ethereum

Launch Launched

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