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CVL United (UTED) - Price Today, Chart, Marketcap
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KYC Verification
We hate scams and rugpulls and, because of that, we have built KYC verification! Project owner / dev can verify their coin on cryptovotelist!
This will bring legitimacy to United, KYC verified badge status and coin will be listed on "KYC verified" section!

To get KYC Verified on cryptovotelist, owner / dev of the United, have to include this script into
United main website! ( https://unitedtoken.eu )

About United ( UTED )
United price today is $ with a 24-hour trading volume of $. UTED price is up % in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of UTED coins and a total supply of . If you are looking to buy or sell United, is currently the most active exchange.

United is a cryptocurrency which allows people to make fast borderless transactions and purchase any goods and services, from low tier products such as groceries up to high tier products like real estate.
UNITED ecosystem makes it possible for cryptocurrency owners to start using their crypto in their daily life. Either the customer wants to invest their money into real estate, buy food from the local shop, or pay for service at a restaurant - United is designed to do just that!
As of today, we have already listed more than 300 apartment units to www.u-land.com which all can be bought with United Tokens. Users can also list their Airbnb apartments or long term rental units and accept cryptocurrency as rent. Whoever wants to put their house, land or any other property type for sale, can do so as well. The only condition on the platform is that the seller needs to accept BTC or UTED as means of payment.
www.theucube.eu is a crowdfunding platform what gives United more usability.
It gives you the possibility to Invest your Cryptocurrency into various projects and get two income streams instead of one!
Today anyone who owns United can invest it to real estate or Cryptocurrency trading bots and earn get weekly TRON payout in exchange.

Missing / Wrong information? Problems with Kyc verification? - Contact Support!

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